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Want to help even more? It’s time to get underway! Luther Seminary’s second give day is September 27, 2017. You can be an important influencer to make this day a success.

What do we want to accomplish with Give Day?

  • We want to activate our alums, engage them in the mission that formed them, and inspire their support.
  • We want to generate great energy in the world of Luther Seminary between folks who care about this mission.
  • We want to meet a goal of 350 gifts.

How will we reach the 350-gift goal?

  • We will never get there without your enthusiasm and networks. Share, tag, like, comment. Activate your circles of influence across your social media presence. Remember the power of degrees of separation! Invite others to share, tag, like, comment.
  • Our board members have committed $25,000 in challenge money to be unlocked when we hit 350 gifts.
  • In addition to the Board’s challenge, every gift will be matched 1:1 thanks to a committed supporter.

How can you help?

  • Using social media, email and any other communication tools at your disposal, let people know you are excited about Luther Seminary. Tell your story through pictures. You are the best illustration of the mission of Luther Seminary that exists! You are the outcome of this mission!
  • Using the social media ambassador briefing, get yourself ready for Wednesday, September 27!
  • Support each other!
  • There will be a couple of heads-up emails (including a great video) and four emails through the day on September 27. You can forward these to those in your life who aren’t social media types.

Our Give Day web presence will keep you up to date on everything. See the summary for contact information for our “situation room” just in case you have questions as the day goes by.

Here’s where you can find more information:

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